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Chuck Strozier Photographs makes public my longstanding, but previously private and personal, fascination with photography. It is a medium that transformed the visual after the middle of the 19th century and has attracted the attention of some good philosophers in the last century or so. While making images is now ubiquitous, serious photography retains its hold on the imagination.

“Chuck Strozier Photographs” presents my favorite images and in the descriptions suggests what I feel are the best size of the enlargements for that particular picture.  Arrangements can be made for the purchase of any photograph (s) by contacting me directly (see “Contact”).

I hope you enjoy my photographs—and will buy one, or more!


I have devised four general categories in which to organize my pictures in “Chuck Strozier Photographs.” Those categories are Bridges, Nature, Abstractions, and My World. Such groupings are, of course, somewhat arbitrary but serve to distinguish the general areas in which I find myself taking pictures. I love bridges, as they connect us; nature in its haunting potentials; abstractions that force us to question reality; and the curious and mysterious in the world around me.
Hell Gate Bridge black & white


I lived in New York until March of 2020. The bridges around Manhattan always grabbed my attention. Except for my color picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, my other images of the various bridges are more abstract, in black and white, and developed in high contrast.
Study in orange and bleu


These images speak for themselves. I like to make a medium technically able to reproduce reality with astonishing quality serve to distort what we see and turn it into pure abstraction. How do we know the actual and the real?
Viola trees


Scenes of nature in and near St. Augustine, FL. Sometimes the images are realistic, but they can appear almost abstract and even mystical. Palm trees abound but so does thick underbrush and trees shorn of their leaves. The topics meet the forest here.

Trouble in Paradise--Crescent Beach, 2017

My World

This collection of images reflects aspects of the world I encounter. The beach where I now live is vast and barely disturbed as the tides wash back and forth across its soft white sand. The sunrises are spectacular. The bridges capture the imagination. And so on.

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